If you’re using Vim, you know that feel (if you aren’t, you can skip this article): Everytime you open a project, you toggle NERDTREE and Tagbar (or similar). But you don’t want to put that in your .vimrc, because then they’d open every time, even when you just want to quickly edit a file.

But wait

Sublime Text does have a <name>.sublime-project, which holds configuration for the curent project. Why doesn’t Vim has something like that?

Just do it yourself

It’s not hard, paste the following lines anywhere in your .vimrc:

if filereadable(expand(".vim-project"))
  source .vim-project

You can now create a .vim-project-file anywhere you want and just write stuff in it like in your .vimrc, this is one of mine:

autocmd VimEnter * NERDTree
autocmd VimEnter * Tagbar

Note: You may want to close Vim automatically after all windows but NERDTree are closed, see the FAQs for that.