Team Lead at Axiom, Inc.

2019Present · Remote
  • Architected a scalable Go service around a database library
  • Worked on said library to fix bugs and improve performance or scalability
  • Built a public demo that can be run locally to get a feeling for the product
  • Worked with customers to help integrate the product
  • Built an end-to-end test pipeline using Cucumber and Go
  • Worked on various data-shipping solutions including a log-synthesizer, Hacker New and GitHub events
  • Worked on Vercel integration

Software Architect at FastBill GmbH

20172019 · Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Built a fast, cacheable, versioned frontend-architecture with Vue, AWS CloudFront and AWS Lambda@Edge
  • Extracted parts of a PHP monolith into Go services
  • Wrote a backend-for-frontend to provide a unified API and auth for the frontend
  • Worked with an external provider to integrate advanced VAT return into a Go service

Software Engineer at SOLEDOS GmbH

20112017 · Gründau, Germany
  • Got my bachelors degree in Computer Science with an integrated degree program
  • Worked on the main business application in PHP and JavaScript
  • Wrote an iPad app in Swift to demo the application to potential customers
  • Developed a distributed system consisting of Go and Node.js microservices
  • Wrote my thesis about a distributed heterogeneous database layer