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Toot of the Week

What if the real DX was the friends we made along the way— @mxbck@front-end.social



  • Zig And Rust (matklad.github.io)

    Alex Kladov writes an article about their experience of using Zig with 7 years of Rust experience that makes me want to start writing Zig.

  • Rust's Golden Rule (steveklabnik.com)

    Steve Klabnik about Rust‘s golden rule: “Whenever the body of a function contradicts the function’s signature, the signature takes precedence; the signature is right and the body is wrong.”



  • Treat your to-read pile like a river (oliverburkeman.com)

    Oliver Burkeman writes about the guilt of unread books and articles and offers a solution: Acceptance.

  • Your reading should be messy (robinrendle.com)

    Robin Rendle grew up with the idea that books should be pristine, but figured out that they should be messy and look like they’ve been read.

Cutting Room Floor

  • Bicycle (ciechanow.ski)

    Bartosz Ciechanowski does it again; a great, interactive blog post about bicycles showing how the forces act, how self-balancing works and everything else basically.

  • Apple Passwords Deserve An App (cabel.com)

    Cabel Sasser about the Apple password manager that’s tucked away deep in settings and how it deserves its own app.

  • The age of average (alexmurrell.co.uk)

    Alex Murrel about the age of average we’re living in: Everything looks the same, no matter where you go.

  • The Anti-Productivity Manifesto (invertedpassion.com)

    Paras Chopra writes about the productivity treadmill and the crux of efficiency: More efficient work just leads to more work.

  • Some thoughts on my presentation style (surfingcomplexity.blog)

    Lorin Hochstein showcases and explains their presentation style.


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