23 / The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Unexpected

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Software Engineering

  • Writing class documentation (rant.gulbrandsen.priv.no)

    Arnt Gulbrandsen has some great tipps on how to write good class documentation.

  • Ship / Show / Ask (martinfowler.com)

    Martin Fowler has an interesting alternative to the exclusive PR workflow.

  • how to update [go] APIs for generics (github.com)

    Russ Cox on the Golang GitHub repository discussions asks about ways to keep backwards-compatibility while introducing generic variants of existing functions.

Cutting Room Floor

  • The Sample (thesample.ai)

    Jacob O’Bryant built a newsletter aggregator that learns what you like and sends you newsletters that might interest you. Give it a try! (Referral-link)

  • Two new color spaces for color picking - Okhsv and Okhsl (bottosson.github.io)

    Björn Ottosson discusses the history of colors spaces like HSL and HSV and their problems, then proposes a modern alternative.


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