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System Collapse by Martha Wells

The cover of System Collapse by Martha Wells

Like the seven before, this book follows a construct—a bot with organic parts—called Murderbot protecting its humans. The Barish-Estranza corporation wants to take over a planet and force the colony of humans living there to work for them. ART, a deep space research vessel, and its crew aim to protect the humans, but something’s wrong with Murderbot.

This is the eight book in the Murderbot series, but the first one I’m writing a review for. All of them would’ve gotten 5/5 and this one is no exception; I love these books. They’re written from the perspective of Murderbot and Martha Wells does a phenomenal job both making the bot super relatable and showing the mushy humans from a bot’s perspective.

If you like sci-fi but haven’t read these, you’re missing out.