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How to Live by Derek Sivers

The cover of How to Live by Derek Sivers

This book gives you exact instructions how to live. And then it does it again, 26 times, and they’re all incompatible.

One chapter tells you to get a rural off-the-grid home with your own electricity, water and food. Another tells you to go into a small village that hasn’t adapted to new technologies and uses the old, tested ways. Yet another tells you to go into the big city because that’s where ambitious people live. These all make sense in the context of the priorities, but you can obviously only do one.

I read this book and found my values represented less in some chapters, more in others, but almost every chapter had at least one or two points I could agree with.

Derek Sivers writes a masterpiece that gives you lots of answers, you have to pick the ones you want to apply. There’s no right or wrong. It’s all a matter of values.