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Announcing the Automate Series

I listen to a lot of podcasts every day, e.g. when doing chores or commuting. One of the shows I particulary enjoy recently is Cortex, where Myke Hurley and CGP Grey talk about their ways to be productive. Every year, they define yearly themes, which are a bit like new year's resolutions, but instead of hard targets, they are more like directions in which you want to go. I highly recommend listening to the Yearly Themes Episode of 2019.

Since this is such a good idea, I naturally defined my own yearly themes for 2019. One of those is called Year of automation, which to me means automating everything I can in my private as well as professional life.

I will try and documente all bigger efforts (you don't want to see all my email rules) in this blog series. You will find all episodes under the tag automate-series.